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Our History

We opened our doors as a business and technology consultancy firm in 2014. Our story begins however, many years earlier.

In 2006, Michael Koval, the CIO of Long & Foster Real Estate, was beginning to think about the next stages in his professional life.  Michael envisioned building a premier technology innovation and consulting firm focused on medium to large scale organizations. Even though he was not ready to execute on his vision, Michael established the Pixces brand with an eye on the future.

While creating the blueprint for Pixces and its mission, Michael joined forces with his long time business partner Mayur Raichura.  Mayur had been the VP of Application Development and Deputy CIO at Long & Foster since both joined Long & Foster in the spring of 2000.  Michael and Mayur had worked very closely together at KPMG Consulting for several years prior, where they formed a tight and highly effective consulting team.  Having provided professional consulting services to companies like SPIC, Hershey Creamery, Fuelman, Lehigh Portland Cement, TIGI, British Aerospace, Maryland Milk Association and Revlon Cosmetics, Long & Foster Real Estate, Washington Real Estate Investment Trust and many others, both consulting professionals wanted to continue their journey together.  After successfully transforming Long & Fosters’s IT department into one of the most influential technology shops in the nation, both Michael and Mayur wanted something more challenging.  From 2006 until our official launch in 2014, Michael and Mayur worked on developing their business and delivery model.  Both founders met with past clients, peers, vendors, friends and members of academia to create the Pixces Way.  Building on more than 40 years of professional experience, they created their Client First process of delivering professional services at affordable rates.  Pixces provides our clients with incredible service, based on best practices, industry and past experience and critical thinking to find the best solutions for our clients problems.  Our solutions improve their businesses by achieving measurable performance gains and shareholder value.  Pixces provides both business and technical consulting services.  None of this is easy and Pixces works very hard everyday to prove itself and our value proposition for our clients.

We’re often asked where the name Pixces comes from. In 2006, when Michael and Mayur were working on a product that used pixels to embed and distribute data, the name Pixces came to mind and Michael decided to establish the brand that was to later become the Pixces Consulting Group.

So, how do you correctly pronounce our name?  We say it like this: [pick-sis].

Pixces Consulting Group. Pragmatic Advice. Innovative Solutions. Guaranteed Results.